Awful feeling

What a shame today! I prepared stuff for the disucussion in seminar, but when I spoke, it was just a mess. Unclear ascent and vibrating voice made me want to hide. How come my spoken English is that poor… Do I forget my orginal purpose for this exchange study? It was, i am not sure is or was, to improve my English speaking skill. Is it too late to start now? At least I wake now, I will try to watch American drama for every spare moment. Let start from the Big Bang theory.

It’s really a shame. My classmate told me, though I am not sure do I hear him correctly, that “You make it very worse…”. Any underground hole for me?


Forth week

Nothing special. I write as I think that even an ordinary day will be my precious memory when looking back. I hope I can insist to write diary twice a week, if not everyday.

Today, it’s a real semester start date for me, as I spend my whole afternoon, literally four hours, in the computer lab to catch up the course progress. The assignment is really not appealing to me as it talks about sound wave. It is totally a physics thing, but I am studying computer science. The only good thing from it is that I was inspired and a new app idea comes up my mind.

I buy a return ticket to London at noon. Finally I get in touch with local people frequently.

I purchase a Manchester United vs Watford ticket with my Singaporean friend, Brian.

I cook everyday, though all the food is either boiled or baked (“oven-ed”?)

I watch a TV drama called Reply 1988. It was really impressive. I am still trapped in the plot. It talks about family, love and friendship in 1988 Korea, at a really really warm alley (hutong?). “Technology gives up many things, but also wipes away something unnoticed but vital to me, the milk of human kindness, from the close neighborhood relationship, from childhood sweethearts, from small, crowded and warm houses.

I try to be sensible to my surroundings. Capture every item that worth keeping. Hard to express what I mean, but you will see the meaning as time goes on.

Third week

Wow…Time flies. This is already the third week that I have been in Manchester. I generally did not do anything special, same things repeat everyday, i.e. wake up, eat, lecture, eat, sleep. The only one special thing I did is to watch a Manchester United match at the Old Trafford Stadium.

It seems that my exchange time will be a great waste if I keep on this living style. Therefore I start to plan traveling. Basically I will first visit London withing the coming the 2 weeks, and travel to Spain, Germany, France and etc. during Easter vacation. Perhaps during weekends I will have some day trips in different cities of UK.

Currently the biggest annoyance is to spend my spare time in weekdays afternoon and night. I am still searching for a suitable part-time job, as well as working on the start-up jobs which is at the really initial stage.

Again, let my cooking pictures end this piece of blog.